4" (100mm) Fibre discs (pkt)

£12.02 £14.42 (inc. VAT)


4" (100mm) resin bonded round hole fibre discs.Hole size 16mm.Please select required grit.
Sold in packets of 25.
Brand Dronco
Condition New
Product Code 6010101

DRONCO is known worldwide as one of the most innovative and agile producers of cutting and grinding tools. Our goal is constant innovation as well as improvement of existing products with regard to lifetime, cutting ability, precision and area of application. Our guideline is to develop a new product every 90 days: This is only possible through intensive research within our own R&D department in collaboration with leading universities. Success proves us right: Several pending patents and the launch of a world innovation in the field of extra-thin, laser-welded diamond cutting discs have already been brought to life. Moreover, the world innovation „FreeCut“, a cutting tool reducing the „kickback effect“ is an innovation introduced by DRONCO. 


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