7018 low hydrogen electrodes

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7018 High quality superior all positional low hydrogen Manual Metal Arc welding electrode using a silicon free, low nitrogen, high purity C:Mn core wire with concentrically extruded, moisture resistant chemically basic flux with a controlled iron powder addition, to provide 120% metal recovery. Welds are of smooth appearance, ductile and of high radiographic quality. For welding mild and medium tensile steels and for BS4360 1972 steels where low hydrogen levels and crack resistant weld metal are required. The electrodes are particularly suitable for welding heavy sections subject to high levels of resistance and for welding problem steels with high sulphur content. Recommended for unalloyed C:Mn ferritic steels with high sub-zero toughness requirements, e.g:- Charpy values down to -60°C. CTOD values at -10°C. Used to best advantage for welding thick sections either on site or in fabrication shops. Excellent all positional weldability.Superon branded in vacuum packs,sold in 5kg packets.
Brand Superon
Condition New
Product Code 7605
Weight 5kg




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