ESAB Globe-Arc Fixed Shade Helmet Welding Helmet

£49.75 £59.70 (inc. VAT)


ESAB G30 fixed shade light weight welding helmet is a unique design in flip-front welding and grinding helmet. The visor provides effective protection from UV and IR radiation when the visor is both open and closed. Available in Shade 10 or Shade 11.Fitted with comfortable headgear.Not automatic.
Brand ESAB
Condition New
Product Code 0700000430
  • Changeable inner and outer lens
  • Lightweight shell
  • Large inner grinding visor
  • Comfort headgear
  • Respiratory option with ESAB PAPR

Please call for spare lenses - 02392 295612

Part number for shade 10 = 0700 000 947
Part number for shade 11 = 0700 000 943

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