IFL i-TECH CUT 40P Plasma Cutter

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IFL Cut 40P light weight and portable  'Pilot arc' Plasma Cutter, Minimal distortion on thin metal, Cuts any metal, Mild Steel (up to 12mm),Stainless Steel, Aluminium, etc. All you need is 230V and Compressed Air. No combustible gases required. Comes with all accessories ready to use. Generator friendly.
                                             Pilot Arc not only saves money on consumables but it also allows customers to cut through metals that have unprepared surfaces.

A plasma torch with a pilot arc will fire a low power plasma arc in the air without contacting the work piece. The Pilot arc is designed to improve the ability of the plasma arcs transfer to the material that needs to be cut..as the pilot arc approaches the plate, it burns through any surface issues (paint, rust, masking materials) and quickly transfers the arc to the work piece. 

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Condition New
Product Code IFLCUT40P

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