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Mig Welder Features Explained


where the operator manually adjusts the process and output power using separate V and I controls.

  Automatic       Pulse  Synergic

where the setup is simplified thanks to pre-programmed settings. V and I are controlled simultaneously (synergic) and the user need only select the material type and the thickness and wire diameter. The pulsed output makes for a spatter-free weld and results in better welds when welding aluminium.

Programmable Automatic Pulse Synergic

where machines also have the ability to store and recall frequently used settings. In addition, these machines have Twin Pulse, resulting in a superb weld finish.

 Output  Voltage and  Wire Speed

need to be set according to the material thickness and how quickly you wish to weld. Generally, achieving a good MIG weld is a balancing act between output voltage and wire speed (which controls the current). The more ‘voltage steps’ a MIG machine has, the easier it will be to find that ‘balance’.

  Burn Back

controls how much wire will be left sticking out of the torch after completing welding. It is generally used to prevent the wire sticking to the work piecewhen the power is removed.

Trigger Latch

(sometimes called ‘4T’) saves keeping the trigger pressed during the welding cycle, especially useful during long long weld runs. An initial press and release of the trigger starts the weld and a subsequent press and release stops the weld.

 Spot Weld  Timer

sets the specific amount of time the machine to be ON during the welding cycle. Not to be confused with the activity spot welding.

 Stitch Weld  Timer

is used in conjunction with the Spot Weld Timer to control the length of an OFF period (no wire feed) during ‘stitching’, which is effectively a stream of ON and OFF periods during the welding cycles.

 Wire Inching

feeds wire without operation of the machine’s main contactor or use of gas.

  Gas Purge

is a test facility to check that gas is present without any other part of the machine having to be operated.

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