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Product Description

The Oxford MIGMAKER 201 MIG Welder is a British made product, 240v Single Phase machine, with Heavy duty wire spool holder for 15kg or 5kg wire reels and mechanical brake to prevent overrun. Robust gas bottle carrier, holder & chain suitable for all sizes of bottle. Designed for MIG welding mild steel, stainless steel & aluminium. Oxford CAP+ technology ensures excellent weld starts & a very smooth stable weld. Good range of voltage steps. Semi-synergic control so are easier to set up & use. All metal geared 700W wire drive system ensures perfect wire feeding of all sizes & types of wire. Copper wound main transformer with overload protection. Electrically efficient design. Industry standard torch Euro connector. Robust PCB fitted to precisely control motor speed & all functions including burn back etc. Powder coated steel case with a substantial 2.5mm chassis fitted with quality wheels & castors. Built to comply with BS EN60974-1, BS EN50199, RoHS directive, & CE marked. Reverse polarity is now standard on all MIGMAKERs to use gas-less wire, other options include spot timer & trigger latching. Power standby of just 25 watts. Front panel controls are protected from knocks by lid & side panel overhangNow supplied free with the latest double ball joint Titanium MB15-3m MIG torch (not shown in picture) as well as a regulator.

Every Oxford welding machine is offered with the following guarantees:
2 year warranty all items - except torch and regulator.
5 year main transformer warranty (the heart of the machine)
20 year minimum guarantee of spares availability

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Oxford MIG Welding Machine

MIGMAKER range 200 Amp to 300 Amp single phase models

With a history dating back over 50 years British made Oxford welding machines are internationally renowned as one of the best in the industry. They are known for simple rugged build, high reliability with a very long life span & excellent welding performance.

These British made Oxford MIG machines are of course built to the same standards using the highest quality components throughout. At the heart of every Oxford MIG is a substantial copper wound transformer fitted with robust rotary switches & an overrated rectifier to give unbeatable durability. All models are fitted with an industrial wire feed system & motor to guarantee virtually unstoppable feeding of all wires.

Welding performance is superb: Our CAP+ technology ensures excellent arc starts & very smooth almost spatter free welding: Models up to the 301 have a unbeatable 20 amps min current to help prevent burn through on thin metal such as automotive panels.

These machines are designed to be more electrically efficient than other brands with an unbeatable standby power of just 25 watts & main transformer efficiencies of over 90%.


Standard functions single phase models 201,251 and 301

Infinitely variable wire feed speed with semi-synergic control, built in motor brake & burn back.

Options;  Spot weld timer

Further reading - Things to consider before purchasing any type of welding machine.
With so many machines on the market today its very difficult to make the right choice when buying a new machine.
If you are considering a MIG welder then the choice is often between a transformer based workshop machine on wheels or a portable inverter. For workshop use a good European made transformer based basic MIG machine with simple switches to control the output power is the sensible choice for many applications. (Commonly referred to as step voltage or transformer type machines). They are generally cost effective, reliable, perform well, have a long life span. Also a good quality basic MIG machine is electrically efficient in design so power consumption is about as low as it can go. Have a look at our single phase & three phase standard MIG range, Oxford MIGMaker, Oxford Multimig. These models are really electrically efficient which means we can give you more output power for lower input. There are also many other quality made European & USA made machines you can consider, however we recommend avoiding the low cost imports, despite giving the impression of being made in the EU etc mostly the low cost machines are now made in the Far East, even some a the big names have gear made in Asia, they often weld quite badly & are not built to last.
If you need a MIG welder with portability is the number one priority then we suggest consider a quality EU or USA made inverter machine. But beware, as many users know inverter based machines are not particularly reliable or have a long life, (more on this subject to follow). Our OXFORD MULTI-ARC portable range make a very sensible alternative to the inverter, they offer superior welding performance on MIG & other processes, similar to the best EU or USA inverter but without the reliability issues of an inverter. These are maybe not quite as portable as a small inverter but otherwise are a better choice.



  • MIG welding mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium
  • Reverse polarity- allows MIG/MAG welding with gas or without gas using a fluxed wire
  • Synergic operation - wire speed automatically increases as you increase the output - easy !
  • Good range of voltage steps, starting from just 20 amps
  • Heavy duty wire spool holder for 5 and 15kg spools. Mechanical brake to prevent overrun
  • Robust gas bottle holder and chain
  • Metal geared wire drive system
  • Copper wound transformer (not usual aluminium wound) for highest efficiency
  • Powder coated strong steel cabinet on quality wheels and castors
  • Generator friendly and IP23 protection

Technical Data

MODEL  201
Voltage  230v
Output amps range 20-200A
Voltage steps 8
Duty cycle 170A@ 20%
OCV 16-36V
Rec fuse 13/16A
MIG wire sizes 0.6-0.8mm
Weight approx 49kg
Dimensions mm inc wheels 620H x 850L x 490W



Delivery & Returns

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Outside of the UK

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Oxford MIGMAKER 201 MIG Welder - 230V

Key Features

8 voltage steps

Copper wound transformer to new EU spec

Welds to 5mm mild steel

20 - 200 amps