Oxford TIGMaker 200E DC

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These OXFORD TIG models are totally different, whilst they are not quite as portable as the smallest inverter & more expensive than a low cost inverter the benefits far outweigh. These machines weld as well as the very best German made inverters yet tolerate real world conditions such as grinding dust, moisture, knocks & drops & over voltage spikes on the supply without problems therefore you can expect 4-5 times the lifespan of the best European or American inverters & without the big expensive repair bills!
These models are ideal for all DC TIG/MMA applications, everything from repair & maintenance to industrial fabrication. They are equally happy in a workshop on a bench or outdoors on a busy site & can be used in wet weather & harsh conditions.Made in England.

•    Super smooth stable arc from 5 amps upwards.
•    Instant arc starting every time you press the torch switch.
•    Electronic pulse HF (IT friendly so doesn’t affect your PC & phones etc).
•    Up slope & down slope controls for perfect weld starts & finishes.
•    Post flow gas control for contamination free finishes.
•    2T standard torch trigger & 4T torch trigger latching.
•    MMA arc welding function welds all rods including cellulosic 6010 etc.
•    Digital meter shows preset A then precise A when welding for EN1090 etc.
•    Remote socket to accept foot control or torch amps control etc.
•    Very simple to set up & use, anyone can use it in seconds.
•    Built in automatic compensation for varying supply & long cables.
•    Dual voltage input 110V/230V or 230/400V (200E) or 230V/400V on 250E 
•    Generator friendly design (even unstable generators are no problem).
•    Very efficient design to minimise power consumption.
•    Suitable for use inside or outside (site welding etc) (IP23S rating).

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Brand Oxford
Condition New
Product Code 230/110

With a history dating back over 50 years, British made Oxford welding machines are known for simple rugged build, high reliability with a long life span and excellent welding performance. These models are based around a copper wound transformer & use Mitsubishi PWM chopper technology to give infinite & precise electronic control of the output. Chopper  based welding machines have been around for a few years but only on the biggest most industrial equipment, we have changed all that. The benefits of this chopper technology should not be underestimated, you get performance & efficiency comparable to a good inverter based machine but with the ruggedness, reliability & lifespan of a conventional transformer based machine.
Today inverter based machines are the most popular choice for TIG machines due to good portability, good welding performance & low power consumption. However more & more customers are aware of the short lifespan of inverter machines. If you take any inverter welding machine on the market today you may get a few years lifespan if they are used in ideal conditions. In practice welding is never done in ideal conditions, this is one reason why inverter based machines often fail catastrophically within the first 5 years & sometimes within a year or two.

Tigmaker 200E DV 250E DV 300E 
Mains supply voltage 230V/110V or 400/230V 400V/230V 400V
Mains supply fuse 16A 230 &400V,32A-110V 16A (32A on 230V) 16A
Min Generator/transformer rating* 3.6 kVA 4.5 kVA 6 kVA
Welding range (amps) 5-200 (on all input voltages) 5-250 10-300
Duty cycle 35% @ 200A 250A 300A
Duty cyle 60% @ 155A 200A 230A
Earth lead length 3 metres 3 metres 3 metres
Mains input lead length 3 Metres rubber 3 metres rubber 3 metres rubber
Machine dimensions 26cm W x52cm L x 42cm H same same
Machine weight 29 kg 33 kg 39 kg

all ratings above are based on TIG welding, when using on MMA duty cycles reduce by 15% and input power increases.
* Minimum generator rating is for up to 75% output, for full range we suggest increase kVA rating by 40%.

Includes 4m WP17 Tig torch.

Standard options;Super smooth foot pedal, hand remote control, TIG torches up to 8M, TIG torches with amps control on handle, long welding cables etc. Note 200E dual voltage can be supplied as 110/230V or 230/400V, please specify on order.
Other options (to be specified at time of order), different input voltage, pulse functions, 2A min current range, longer input cable, etc. Please ask if you want something else we can probably do it!

Every Oxford welding machine is offered with the following unbeatable guarantees:
2 year main components warranty.
5 year main transformer warranty (the heart of the machine)
20 year minimum guarantee of spares availability.
100% British made quality built to last!


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