Starparts WH04B auto darkening helmet

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The WH04B auto-darkening welding helmet is equipped with a filter set, that can become dark when welding but is transparent before welding, so the operators may observe the work surface clearly.When striking an arc the filter darkens automatically.When the arc goes out the filter will become transparent again.The switching time from dark to light is about 0.3ms.The switching time from dark to light maybe set up to within 0.1-0.8 of  a second.The mask is equipped with continuous darkness-adjusting unit,so the operator may select an arbitrary dark shade number ranging from 9ew to 13ew.
The automatic welding mask gives the operators permanent complete protection against ultra violet and infrared even in transparent mode.The power is provided by solar cells,so the user is exempted from changing batteries,turning on or off power and any other operation.Don't take chances with your eyes,approved to CE EN 175/EN 379 standards.

Brand Starparts
Condition New
Product Code WH04B
  • Filter dimension                    110 x 90mm
  • Viewing area                         95 x 39mm
  • Light shade no                      4ew
  • Dark shades between             9-13ew
  • Lightweight nylon shell
  • Conforms to EN175B & EN379 with 1/1/1/2 classifcation

12 month warranty

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