Tecarc 301 Squarewave AC/DC TIG Welder

£1,941.00 £2,329.20 (inc. VAT)

Key Features

Transformer based

Square wave

Water cooled option

Balance control



TecArc 301 square wave AC/DC TIG welder, this popular range of machines has now been given a new modern cabinet design which can now take the option of the integrated water cooling unit.
This single or 3 phase 300 amp tig welder is suitable for all professional TIG welding applications, it can produce the highest quality welds on a very wide range of ferrous and non ferrous materials. It also has advanced features such as pulse, slope balance, digital read out etc, this machine is not inverter based.

These machines are manufactured with a large copper wound transformer, heavy duty thyristors and other substantial components all assembled into a strong powder coated steel case, this ensures the very best reliability & very long lifespan even in the most demanding environments. We have supplied these models into virtually every type of industry including general fab shops, motor sport, offshore industries, aerospace engineering etc.

2 year warranty all items - except torch and regulator.
5 year main transformer warranty (the heart of the machine)
Condition New


The Air Cooled machines come with a WP26 12.5ft tig torch, earth return, single gauge reg and flowmeter.
The Water Cooled
 machines come with a WP18 12.5ft tig torch, earth return, single gauge reg and flowmeter.

Options  - Foot control.

Please note - These machines are now built as a dual-voltage supply machines; 203V-415V

  • Infinitely variable amps control with digital readout.
  • AC DC squarewave output for the highest quality welding.
  • AC balance control (AC DC models only)
  • High frequency (HF) is I.T. friendly so no interference.
  • Slope up & slope down controls for perfect starts & finishes.
  • Post flow gas control.
  • Torch trigger latching (2T/4T)
  • Built in pulse controls.
  • Digital ammeter displays amps prior to welding.
  • MMA stick welding function.
  • Remote control socket to accept our foot pedal.
  • Non inverter technology ensures a long trouble free life.
  • Strong 3mm undercarriage & wheels to accept gas bottles.
  • Power factor correction built in to keep running costs low.
  • Simple & straight forward controls really easy use.
  • Built in water cooling (optional extra).
  • Well proven design guaranteed to be ultra-reliable.
  • Compensates for fluctuations on incoming supply.
  • Built to withstand unstable input voltages.
  • 5 year main transformer warranty (the heart of the machine).

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