TecArc 311 Compact Mig Welder

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MTA 311 Compact mig welder is part of the heavy duty range, designed and manufactured in Great Britain, using high quality components, to industrial standards. They are constructed using heavy gauge powder coated steel, which is ideal for industrial use. The internals are designed to last for many years, even in the most demanding environments.This is probably one of the most reliable Mig Welders on the market today.

This single phase, 40-310 Amp mig welder is ideal for maintenance and fabrication industries
2 year warranty all items - except torch and regulator.
5 year main transformer warranty (the heart of the machine)

Supplied with MB36-3m torch and reg.

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A heavy duty range of MIG welding machines designed for all industrial welding applications.
These machines are designed and manufactured in Great Britain using high quality components to industrial standards. This range of machines offer the user the very best welding performance with minimal spatter and a soft stable arc throughout the range. At the heart of every machine is a large copper wound transformer & other heavy duty components all constructed in a robust powder coated steel case, this ensures these are probably the most solid & reliable range of compact MIGs available, with thousands sold over the last few years.
We guarantee these machines will have the lowest long term maintenance costs of any similar machine in the industry & we have the best long term back up with all parts available for a minimum of 20 years.

Main features
  • Good range of volt steps for very fine adjustment of power
  • Super smooth welding characteristics through the range.
  • 100% copper wound transformer with 5 year warranty.
  • Very high duty cycle.
  • High efficiency of over 90% to minimise electric usage.
  • Easy setting infinitely variable wire speed control.
  • Torch trigger latching fitted as standard.
  • Built in electronic burn back with adjustment.
  • Industry standard euro torch connection.
  • Can be used with all wire and spool sizes.
  • The strongest steel case of any compact MIG in the industry.
  • Large 250mm wheels & HD front casters
  • Voltage switches have steel shafts not plastic like competitors
  • Quality wire drive system and powerful motor.
  • All models have an all metal 2 roll or 4 roll drive, NO PLASTIC!
Options include, special input voltage, dual voltage, different output or duty cycle, digital meters, etc. 
All models are also available in red or yellow on request
Approx size 710mm H x 850mm L x 380mm W (excluding width of rear wheels). Weight 85 to 125kg depending on model.

The standard models shown below are 60% duty cycle, we also offer the ‘B’ range which is exactly the same but with 35% duty cycle for less demanding applications, simply add B to the end of the model number
Specification 3 phase 400v models 263 313 363 423
Amps range 35-260 35-310 40-360 40-420
Volt steps 16 16 20 30
Duty cycle @ 60% (or 35% for B range) 235A 300A 350A 400A
Input fuse slow type 16A 16A 16/20A 20/25A
Welding wire 0.6/1.2 0.6-1.2 0.6-1.2 0.6-1.6
New single phase model added for 2012; TECARC 401, 400A@50% duty cycle, 410A max, possibly the largest single phase compact MIG in the world!
Specification 1 phase 230v models 261 281 311 361 401
Amps range 35-260 35-280 40-310 40-360 50-410A
Duty cycle @ 60% (or 35% for B range) 235A 280A 300A 350A 400A@50%
Input fuse slow type 25/32A 32A 32A 32/45A 45A
Welding wire 0.6/1.2 0.6-1.2 0.6-1.2 0.6-1.6 0.6-1.6
Voltage steps on the single phase models differ from three phase a little.

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