Tecarc Multi 200i MIG/TIG/Arc Welder

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Key Features

DC Arc welding

Mig Welding

HF TIG welding

High duty cycle

18 - 200amps (MIG)


The Tecarc Multi 200i is a versatile welding machine which offers the user all popular welding processes within one convenient highly portable package. Unlike most multi-process machines on the market there is no compromise on welding performance on any welding process, you get superb arc characteristics on MIG TIG & arc welding. In addition the 60% duty cycle is way ahead of competitive products on the market today. This all adds up to the best single phase multi-process machine you can buy!

MIG welding is from 18A-200A range, the low minimum power of 18A on 0.8mm MIG wire means you can use this machine for the very lightest metals from 0.5mm upwards & is ideal for automotive work & everything else right up to the maximum power of 200A (240A peak). In addition the high duty cycle is perfect for those heavier jobs! A standard Euro adaptor is fitted & a full size wire feed motor & feed system is standard to ensure you get consistent wire feeding of wire every time you press the trigger!

TIG welding with HF start, from 10A-200A DC, ideal for steel & stainless steel maintenance, repair & fabrication. HF start ensures perfect arc starts & a variable gas post flow control is fitted for perfect weld finishes.

MMA ARC welding is from 10A-200A, all popular electrodes can be used right to 4mm size, hot start is built in for easy arc starting. In addition the high duty cycle means you can keep on welding rod after rod without overheating the machine.

Comes supplied with MB15-3m Mig torch,WP17-4m flexi head Tig torch,MMA leads,gas hose and regulator.

Brand Tecarc
Condition New
Product Code specialbuild

Standard functions/features

 Infinitely variable output between 10 and 200 amps (240A peak on MIG)  Class leading duty cycle, 180A@60%, 160A@100% all quoted at 40C. Works on a 13A plug up to 170A (16A needed for full power).  Infinitely variable volts on MIG from 15-26 welding voltage. Variable inductance on MIG for perfect welding for all wire & materials. Robust wire feeding system with industry standard Euro connection. Wire inch switch allows welding wire to be driven without welding volts. Takes standard 5kg MIG wire reels. True TIG functions with HF start for fast perfect arc initiation.  Digital meter shows the set welding amps prior to welding for easy set up. Variable gas post flow control on TIG for perfect weld finishes. Simple user friendly front controls for quick setting & adjustments. Built in hot start for MMA welding gives fast electrode starting.  Built in compensation for long extension cables & varying supply .Built in over load & short circuit protection. This machine is packed full of power yet weighs just 15kg. This machine is generator friendly, providing a quality stable generator of at least 6KVA is used.

Technical spec Multi-200i

Supply voltage 230V

Fuse (slow blow) 16A (13A can be used up to around 170A)

Max (OCV) 58V

MIG welding current range 18-200A (240A peak)

TIG welding current range 10-200A

MMA welding current range 10-200A

Recommended MIG wire size 0.8mm/1.0mm, (200mm 5kg spools).

Recommended welding rod sizes 1.6mm-4.0mm

Duty cycle @ 40 ‘C 200A@50%, 180A@60%, 160A@100%

Size approx 480Lx420Hx215W

Weight approx 15KG

machine comes complete with reg,3m torch,gas hose and arc leads

This machine is built to BS EN 60974-1, BS EN 60974-10, its CE marked RoHS compliant & WEEE registered so you can be sure of the quality.

A Tig foot pedal can be fitted to custom built units only- at extra cost.


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