TECARC Push Pull Gun Kit

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A ready to weld system which fits all machines with a Euro connection in seconds.Unique design means no separate control box, PCB or engineer fitting is needed.

The PPS250 & PPS360 push pull mig torches are fitted with an 8M rubber sheathed cable assembly, & take standard BZL type consumables. The gun is robust yet only weighs 1.1kg for the 250 & 1.2kg for the 360, so is easy for the operator to handle. This product is especially beneficial for high productivity welding of aluminium, eliminates all those starting & feeding problems. Also works great with ferrous & non ferrous metal. Now also available with bent necks which can be positioned to any angle. 8M rubber sheathed cable assembly, or optional 15M cable assembly.

This truly unique product works on all MIG machines fitted with a Euro & can be moved from machine to machine in seconds, Satisfaction guaranteed.

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PPS250 is for machines up to 250 amps
PPS360 is for machines up to 360 amps

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