tecarc SGS360 Spool On Gun Kit

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New unique spool gun system, no separate control box or mains supply needed!

Spool on gun, no control box or auxiliary supply is needed so more convenient & easier to fit & use. Very flexible 8M rubber sheathed cable assembly, or optional 15M cable assembly. Recessed wire speed control to prevent damage.
Excellent welding performance on aluminium, stainless and mild steel.
Can be moved from machine to machine easier than any other spool on gun system.
Robustly constructed gun designed for a long life, with all metal gears in the gearbox & replaceable motor brushes.
Cables terminate in the gun & both ends can be made off if the cable becomes damaged. User-friendly well balanced gun with adjustable position for the spool for the best access. Swan neck can be changed easily & both guns will take either neck

Condition New
  • No control box needed just plug into front of any MIG machine with a Euro
  • 8 metre flexible high temp coaxial cable with spring cable supports at ends
  • BZL compatible front end consumables & standard 102mm wire spools
  • Infinitely variable wire speed control
  • 360A max current @ 40%, 270A @ 60% duty cycle (mixed gasses)
  • Can be moved from machine to machine in seconds
  • Wire spool holder turns to a side or down for best access
  • Superb welding performance on aluminium, stainless & mild steel
  • Optional bent neck allows positioning to any angle
  • Option for shorter or longer cable assembly

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