Tecarc TC1000 water cooler

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The Tecarc TC1000 universal water cooler is suitable for all popular welding applications, tough rugged & reliable.

Use as stand alone or bolt onto our universal trolley.

Three voltage versions are available, 110 volt, 230 volt, and 400 volt. All are fitted with a self resetting protection device to stop the motor burning out if stalled for any reason. Water connections are quick release snap fittings. We only use Simaco rotary pumps these are the leading European pump manufacturer as used by ESAB, Kemppi, EWM etc. Simaco pumps are the most efficient long life pumps available & are self priming. TC1000 units are made in galvanised steel to look as good as they perform & have a long life. M6 fixing points are provided both on top & under chassis for easy mounting. A front viewing window shows fluid level & tank filling cap is located above.

TC1000 units have a 5L tank & have a cooling capacity of 1000W/2000W so are suitable for most welding applications up to around 500-600 amps.

For even more performance consider our TC2000. These offer double cooling capacity for special high productivity applications & can cool multiple welding torches.

Optional T-FLO control adds something special to these models! This provides intelligent control of the cooling with pump on demand to give a significant saving on energy costs, pump wear & reduced noise. In addition T-Flo monitors the flow of fluid to provide protection, this is a 3/4 way fault warning system – 1) LED light changes to red on fault, 2) Internal siren sounds on fault, 3) A NC relay opens on fault, 4) pump shuts down. T-Flo pump on demand can be switched off if needed so cooler runs continuous, in addition the flow monitoring can be either on or switched off. Both switches are accessible in seconds, but only with a small tool so cannot be knocked to wrong setting. The NC relay contact is rated at 5A & can be wired to shut down your welding machine.

An basic internal flow switch can be fitted to interface with the power source instead of T-Flo if required.

Optional top handles provide better portability if needed.

All models are sold with one year warranty & spare parts availability is guaranteed for a minimum of 15 years.

Product Code TC1000-110V

Technical specs
Flow rate Max 10lpm (1-3lpm through torch)
Pressure 3 bar (4 bar max)
Cooling capacity 1000W = 20° C rise,2000W = 40° rise.
MIG capability Max 500-600A
TIG capability Max 500A
Res welding (Spot) Max 60kva
110/115V model Input 1.9A
230V model Input 0.9A
400V model Input 0.55A

All models are AC volts input +/- 10%, Freq. 50/60Hz.

Approx. size –   620 Length, 320mm Width, 225mm Height.

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