Tecarc X4 Plasma cutter

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The Tecarc X4 plasma is the latest in-built compressor type plasma cutter from Technical arc UK.The X4 will sever cut up to 15mm and clean cut up to 10mm on mild steel.The X4 plasma is fitted with a very popular high quality S45 torch,making it easy to obtain consumables and accessories.The machine also features Pilot arc start and a fan on demand to aid efficiency.
Built to comply with BS EN 60974-1, CE marked, RoHS compliant and WEEE registered so you can be sure of the safety & quality.

2 year warranty


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      Key benefits
  • Cuts all metals with ease,steel,stainless steel,aluminium,hardox,copper,brass,cast etc
  • High quality cut due to superior Italian made torch and good power source characteristics
  • Drag cutting with tip directly on material,no stand off needed,great for visibility and template following.
  • Non HF start design means safe for use on vehicles and near IT systems
  • Pilot arc cuts through paint,rust and grime and even plastic coatings
  • Over 90% efficiency means very low power consumption
  • Fan on demand reduces idle noise and power consumption
  • Built in air filter with automatic moisture draining
  • Generator friendly (must have AVR fitted) design - minimum 4.0kva.
Brand Tecarc
Condition New
Product Code X4 AC230V
Technical Spec Plasma X4
Mains input voltage 230v
Input fuse 16A
Generator minimum size 4KVA
Output current 20-50A
Duty cycle 31A @ 40%
Size approx 400Lx310Hx210W
Weight approx 13.5Kg
Cutting torch Trafimet S45 direct fit
Max severance cut 15mm
Max recom cut (M. steel) 10mm
Max recom cut (stainless/ali) 7mm

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