Tecarc X5 Plasma Cutter

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The Tecarc X5 plasma cutter is the latest dual voltage plasma from Technicalarc UK.The X5 will sever cut up to 24mm and clean cut up to 15mm on mild steel.This machine is fitted with a very popular high quality S45 torch with a quick release connection,making it far cheaper to replace.The X5 also features Pilot arc start and a fan on demand to aid efficiency.

Built to comply with BS EN 60974-1, CE marked, RoHS compliant, so you can be sure of the safety & quality.

2 year warranty

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Key benefits

  • Cuts all metals with ease,steel,stainless,aluminium,hardox copper,brass,cast etc
  • High quality cut from a high quality Trafimet torch
  • 110v and 230v supply
  • Infinitely variable amps control with digi-meter read out
  • Low cost long life torch consumables,readily available from most countries
  • Non HF start design means safe use on vehicles and near IT systems
  • Pilot arc cuts through paint,rust,grime and even through plastic coatings
  • Over 90% efficiency means very low power consumption
  • Higher duty cycle than most similar models on the market
  • Fan on demand reduces idle noise and power consumption
  • Regulated and air filter control
  • Generator friendly (must have AVR fitted) 4.5kva consumption 

Brand Tecarc
Product Code Tecarc X5 Plasma cutter
Technical Spec Plasma X5
Mains input voltage 230v
Input fuse 16A (230v) 32A (110v)
Generator minimum size 4.5KVA
Output current 20-48A (230v) 20-36A (110v)
Duty cycle 40A @ 60% (20% lower on 110v)
Size approx 380Lx290Hx150W
Weight approx 6Kg
Cutting torch Trafimet S45 quick connect fit
Max severance cut 24mm (16mm on 110v)
Max recom cut (M. steel) 15mm (11mm on 110v)
Max recom cut (stainless/ali) 7mm

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