Titanium T20 TIG Torches

£65.00 £78.00 (inc. VAT)


The Titanium T20 flexi-neck TIG torch is a very comfortable high quality torch.

Features & Benefits
• Ergonomically Designed Handle with Soft Rubber Grips
• Handle Ball Joint and 800mm length Soft Leather Cover immediately
behind the Handle improves positioning and operator comfort
• High quality heavy duty rubber power cables
• Plug & Play™ Torch Switch allows fast interchange within 5 seconds
• Several Torch Switch options available to suit every application
• All Spare/Wear parts manufactured using high quality materials
• Each Torch rigorously tested after production
• All torches conform to EN60974-7, CE and are RoHS compliant

Brand Starparts
Product Code T20F-12SP

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