tusker Welding Cushion

£79.49 £95.39 (inc. VAT)


Safety First has launched yet another innovative product. The welding cushion is available in Tusker Gold, Tusker Blue and Tusker Red Premium Leather as well as the well-known Tusker Economy Chrome Leather on one side. The opposite side to the heat and flame resistant leather is constructed from Aluminised heat reflective glass fabric.
Aside from the safety aspect, the welding cushion also has features for ease of use. There is a convenient carry handle and for extra comfort the inside is filled with fire retardant memory foam.
Condition New

Kevlar Thread has been used for all stitching ensuring unrivalled strength and safety.
The cushion is manufactured and in stock measuring 50cm x 50cm x 8cm thick however can be manufactured to any size required.

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