Welding Fume Extraction

Welding Fume Extraction from Kemper and F-tech.

One of the biggest concerns in the workshop,or when working offsite but in confined spaces,is of course dust and fumes-particularly those generated by welding and plasma cutting.

The best place to extract fume is of course as close as possible to the source,but without the method of extraction obscuring your view or presenting other risks.For example,heath and safety regulations require that all  welding and plasma cutting work stations be equipped with local extraction systems that conform to the latest regulations.Also,the extraction system must have a speed-of-capture (at the point of emmission) of not less than 0.5m/s.

The fumes produced by welding and plasma cutting are a mixture of fine particles and toxic gases.For example,the majority of welding fume arises from the wire or rod electrode as it is vaporised for transfer over to the work piece.Some of the fume will be 'respirable' particles,which can be particularly damaging to lungs.As for the gases,these will include ozone,nitric oxide,nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide.Also if you are welding or cutting coated or oily surfaces,then additional products will become airborne.